Pool Pump Repair and Sales

We repair all brands and types of pool and spa pumps as well as pool equipment such as robot cleaners and chlorinators. We provide a quote on request before proceeding with any work.
Pool Pump Repair and Sales
Pool Pump Repair and Sales

We have been repairing pool pumps for 40 years.

It’s not just pumps for pools, we repair all types from pressure pumps to submersible and circulating pumps working on both the motor and wet ends.

Our Service

We stock a wide range of pumps, parts and associated equipment such as pressure controllers, capacitors, seals, impellers and O-rings.

Asked Questions

Is my pool pump worth repairing?

We service and repair hundreds of pool pumps each year. Most can be overhauled for less than half the cost of a replacement.

Do you have loan pool pumps?

Yes we have a range of brands and types of pool pumps which we can loan to you while yours is repaired. We also have overhauled second hand pumps for sale. give us a call to hear our current range.

Do I need to call to book my job in?

No just come down to the workshop and drop it off. We will take your details and contact you with a quote.

Do you fix power tools?

We repair commercial and industrial power tools. Most handy man and battery powered tools are cheaper to replace.

Can you convert three phase motors to run on single phase?

Yes, by use of an inverter and some changes to the motor connections we can convert small (typically upto 2.2kW /3Hp) three phase motors to run with single phase supply.

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